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663 million people currently live without clean water today. We believe that number should be 0. What fuels us is our passion to be part of the solution.

Broken Chain is a jewellery brand with a purpose. Our story begins when founder Jay Richards was combing through YouTube. He stumbled across a video from charity:water. The video was narrated by their founder Scott Harrison, who spoke about charity: water’s founding story and shared the organisation’s impact on the water crisis. Scott spoke with so much passion that Jay was glued to the screen and then, his research began! Jay scoured the internet for days looking for articles about the issue of dirty water. He discovered how unclean water kills millions each year and he wanted to make a change.

Jay began to think of what kind of brand he wanted to create, what the vision would be, what kind of products should be sold to help this deserving cause. Above all Jay considered which charity he wanted to donate the profits to. For him there was one clear winner, charity: water. Broken Chain believe’s in the power of proof. charity: water proves every water project they build with photos and GPS coordinates.

Fast forward to the present day and here we are. The response has been unbelievable, people and brands from all over the world have been in contact to say they can’t wait to buy a chain, promote our cause and provide clean water to as many as possible.

Will you join our tribe and help us to take that number from 663 million to 0?

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